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Let’s face it, living with hearing loss can be frustrating, even dangerous. Hearing aids can allow you to function better in all areas of your life. You’re Not Alone. 48 million Americans—or nearly one in five, age 12 and older—experience hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication. Audibel is a Starkey Hearing Technologies brand. Recognized across the globe as a premier provider of hearing healthcare, Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only privately held and American-owned company in its industry.

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that can be highly customized to address different types of hearing loss. All digital hearing aids contain at least one microphone to pick up sound, a computer chip that amplifies and processes sound, a speaker that sends the signal to your ear and a battery for power. More sophisticated models provide additional features, such as direct connection to a smartphone or rechargeable batteries.

Artificial Intelligence – Discover Via AI

The worlds first hearing aid that monitors brain and body activity provides heart rate information and detect if you’ve fallen and send an alert to your selected contacts. Using integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Via AI is a multipurpose device that redefines what a hearing aid can do.

Most fitness tracking devices use the wrist, but the ear provides far more accurate data-in fact, it’s the ideal spot for reliable tracking, and Via AI is the first ever device to take advantage of that. Via AI also features easy tap control and can translate up to 27 languages. Our voice controlled Thrive Virtual Assistant can answer your question on various topics. And if that’s not enough, its our best sounding and best performing hearing aid ever.

Invisibel iQ – Made for an invisible fit

Invisibel iQ is the most advanced technology available in our most popular invisible hearing solution. It is now the worlds smallest, most comfortable hearing that allow for hands free connectivity and media streaming from your phone to your hearing aids.

Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

Completely invisible- for mild to moderately severe hearing loss-custom made for you. Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing aid shows outside of the ear canal.

In-The-Canal (ITC)

Custom hearing aid that fits in the ear canal. Smaller portion of hearing aid shows in outer ear. Less visible- For mild to moderate hearing loss. Variety of technology levels that previously required a larger hearing aid. Custom-made for you.

In-The-Ear (ITE)

Custom hearing aid that fits within the outer portion of the ear. Easy to adjust. For mild to severe hearing loss. Custom made for you.

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

Small, discreet and quick to fit. Perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers. Discreet design. Variety of color options available. Easy to adjust.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

The world's most common hearing aid style. Available in standard, mini or power. Variety of color options available. For moderate to severe hearing loss. Easy-to-use buttons or dials.

Phantom by SoundGear

The world's first custom Bluetooth rechargeable, hearing protection and enhancement device.

Watch our Phantom release video here!

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