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"Tony, I have wanted to text you 1000 times since Tuesday. I cannot believe how much I have been missing with my loss of hearing! This has been amazing. Truly life-changing. There’s been so many things I haven’t been able to hear that I am noticing now: turn signals, computer mouse clicking, my shoes on the carpet, and even people talking behind me. It’s been great! And you can’t even see them."

Mary M.

"I have purchased hearing aids in the past all they did is amplify the mumbles but a few weeks ago on Facebook I saw an ad wanting 10 people in the Madisonville area to try a state of the art hearing aid. I answered and they called me. To cut it short in the first week Lynda said we have got to have these! Every week I go in and Dr. Tony dials these things - they are so tunable it’s amazing. When I take them out at night I realize how bad my hearing is. We got a four week trial and we are sold! Thank you Facebook and Audible and Tony Wilson- this is a life changer!"

David B.

“Wonderful people to work with for any kind of hearing problems.”

John S.

“Love this place! Tony was able to get me hearing when I didn't think I could afford them. ”

Heather S.

“Very nice N helpful people”

Ronnie B.

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