Elite Hearing Care will administer a comprehensive hearing test where we take you through a 4 step process.

Our 4-Step Hearing Test:

Step 1.

The Interview - During this initial interview time, we sit and explore your medical history, and ask questions that help us explore the extent of you your hearing impairment which helps up uncover any further areas that need further and more extensive attention.

Step 2.

The Examination - The examination step is where we take a closer look into your ear and determine whether the cause of your hearing loss is due to cerumen or an obstruction or damage to ear canal or eardrum.

Step 3.

The Hearing Test - During the hearing test phase, we test the pure-tone all frequencies, followed by a speech assessment, and lastly the middle ear. After the test we will be able to read and determine the type of hearing loss you have and the best way to address and start to make your day to day life simpler.

Step 4.

The Treatment Plan - We work to come up with an ongoing treatment plan to match your lifestyle needs to with the most advanced technology specifically designed to your unique hearing loss.

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